Brian is professional, knowledgeable, and patient. I highly recommend Hopps Sound.

– Lynn Smith, Pioneer Bluff’s Cottonwood Falls

Pioneer Bluffs in Cottonwood Falls

Pioneer Bluffs is a nonprofit prairie education center at an historic ranch. We needed a sound system that would work well on both the ground floor and loft of our 1915 barn. The system had to blend into the historic architecture, withstand temperature and humidity fluctuations, be used for crowds of several hundred, be easy to use, and of course fit into a limited grant budget. We were so fortunate to discover Brian and Hopps Sound! He made sure he fully understood OUR needs and then gave a free estimate. When Brian was done with the work, we had met ALL our goals.

The new system works great for any crowd. We were concerned recently when we had a bus tour group of senior citizens scheduled for a hot, hot afternoon. But our visitors easily heard and interacted with our program, even while we had four large fans adding noise.

Since the installation Brian has continued to provide top-quality service by answering all questions quickly and in a way that is easily understood.

It feels like coming home

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